Young Carmelite Group

The Brisbane Young Carmelite Group - for young adults aged 18-35 - has been meeting since 2001 here at the Carmelite Monastery. The group has been guided by Fr. Greg Homeming OCD or another Carmelite Friar. Since July 2009 the sisters have taken on the facilitation of the group.

  Meeting Program

Next YCG Meeting
Saturday 15 June 2024
YCG March 2024
Our most recent YCG meeting was on a Sunday, 10 March. The Topic: 'Prayer as Relationship: Finding the Real Person and the Real God' from 'Upon this Mountain' by Sr Mary McCormack ocd
Feb 2024
After a very busy few months, we re-started our YCG meeetings in February 2024, beginning a series on Carmelite Prayer. As you can see, Stephanie has joined us during this time.
YCG June 2023
June 2023
It was the eve of Trinity Sunday so we shared reflections on St Elizabeth of the Trinity's beautiful Prayer to the Trinity. Unfortunately, some could not come, with assignments  due and exams looming, but they have the text to ponder in their own time.
April 2023
April 2023
We were happy to have two seminarians join us for our April meeting. Unfortunately they and others had to leave early. We used chapter 26 of St Teresa's 'Way of Perfection' to help us prepare for Holy Week.
YCG Jan 2023
January 2023
We are getting into deep water now, studying St Teresa's symbolism for the life of deepening prayer. The third water continues on the theme of decreasing human effort in prayer as it is met by the divine work of grace. In the third water, Teresa uses the image of a stream flowing through the garden. This is not entirely without work, as the gardener needs to direct the flow of water. But the flowers and fruits are now obvious.
 YCG Dec 2022
There are more on our side of the grille, but we are having very deep and reflective conversations about St Teresa's stages of prayer. In December we studied the second way of 'watering the garden' - that is, of a water wheel, which yields more water with less effort: the beginnings of the 'living water' promised by Jesus.
YCG Oct 2022
In October we began a series on St Teresa's teaching on prayer using her image of four ways of watering a garden. The first way - drawing water in a bucket from a well - is very laborious. When a person begins to pray, it is necessary to apply oneself to meditating on the life of Jesus.
YCG Feb 2021
On Saturday 27 February 2021 we resumed our YCG meetings after the long break due to the pandemic. Our topic was: 'And It was very Good': Asceticism for the Lenten Season
We discussed some insights from our Carmelite Sister Ruth Burrows

YCG Feb 2020
February 2020
Following the recent visit of the Relics of St Therese and her parents, Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin, we began with an audio visual presentation on Therese and a reflection
on Therese's prayer for priests. Those who had spent time with the Relics,
either here or elsewhere, also shared their impressions.
YCG Nov 2019 
Saturday 30 November 2019
Our topic was 'A Humble Heart' - the third prerequisite for a life of prayer
as explained by St Teresa in 'The Way of Perfection'
YCG Oct 2019
Our topic for October was 'A Free Heart'
St Teresa tells us there are three things that are absolutely essential for anyone wanting to live prayerfully. In August we studied the first: a loving heart. This is the second. The NET UQ Chaplaincy Team bolstered our numbers and we had some really engaging discussion.
 August 2019
April 2019
13 April was the eve of Palm Sunday, so we took St. Teresa's 'Way of Perfection' chapter 26 to help us stay close to Jesus in his suffering and death, the topic being:
 'Praying with St Teresa - Walking with Jesus through Holy Week’
YCG Feb 2019 7617
Our 2019 meetings began on the feast of the Presentation with the topic
'Praying the Scriptures with Mary: an Invitation to Lectio Divina'
Oct 2018
Our topic on 6 October was 'Back to the Gospel - The Message of Thérèse of Lisieux' and we had a big group from UQ joining us. Several didn't make it into the photo. We said good-bye to Katherine and Michael who are finishing up with NET and returning home - Katherine all the way to the USA.
YCG 08/18
Our August topic was 'The Loneliness of Jesus: Insights from St Teresa
and the Gospel of Mark
 YCG June 2018
Our topic in June was 'St Therese of Lisieux - Her Discovery of Love'
Notice Ariel has leaped through the grille? She entered Carmel in February.

Feb 2018
On 3 February 2018 we continued our themes from 'The Spiritual Canticle'
of St John of the Cross with the topic: 'Immersion in God's Beauty'
We said goodbye to Hien who is entering the Benedictines at Jamberoo next weekend. She is starting to feel a little nervous, but looks very peaceful and happy. We will keep her in our prayers.
It was also Aushra's last time with us, before she returns home to Lithuania.
We remember all those who have been part of our YCG and hope they have come a little closer to God through our Carmelite spirituality.
At present we are reflecting on some themes from the 'Spiritual Canticle'
Our first meetings in 2017 focused on different aspects of the spirituality of St Therese of Lisieux. Then we started looking at St. John of the Cross's poem: 'The Spiritual Canticle'
Dec 2016
During Advent we reflected on 'Waiting in Silence and Prayer with St Elizabeth of the Trinity'
  Oct group outside Monastery
     Group in parlour Aug 2016Group of 3

YCG August 2016










Group YCG August 2016










In August we had our biggest group ever with the UQ Chaplaincy Team and some students who swelled our ranks. The topic was 'The Mercy of God in St Therese of Lisieux'.

June 2016
Our topic in June was 'Mary in our Life'
There will be enrolments in the brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt Carmel during our celebration on 17 July. Some will be at WYD in Krakow at that time, but if you haven't been enrolled before, here's your chance. See our contacts page:
YCG April 2016
 In April we looked at 'The Call to Holiness' from a Carmelite perspective
YCG group Feb 2016
With some new faces we started off 2016 by going back to basics with an introduction to Carmelite Spirituality
 group in parlour
 group 2 in parlour
YCG November 2015
  At our September meeting we explored the riches of Teresa's 4th Mansions
YCG September 2015


 YCG September 2015 a

 YCG September 2015 EP      

                                           Evening Prayer with the Sisters


YCG September 2015 after EP


YCG September 2015 front

May group

                           Our May group was small, but we enjoyed exploring Teresa's Second Mansions.

YCG March 2015
In 2015, the 5th centenary year of the Birth of St. Teresa, we are 'travellings inwards' through 'The Interior Castle'. In March we studied the First Mansions.

YCG Nov 2014
YCG August 2014

10 May 2014