Christmas 2019

 The world needs a revolution of love, a revolution of tenderness, and this revelation begins in the heart of the family.

Pope  Francis

Christmas celebrates the love and tenderness at the heart of a Family centred on Jesus. Soon we will welcome to our Carmel another family: Louis and Zelie Martin with their youngest daughter, Therese, all three now canonised Saints. Their relics will be here in our Church from 3:00 pm on 12 February. The Church will be open until 6:00 pm. The next morning, 13 February, the Church weill be open from 6:00 am and the Relics depart at 2:00 pm. All are welcome to spend time here in prayer.

Helena leaving

Group with Helena

Sister Helena from the Carmel of Wallis Island stayed with us for almost six weeks, improving her English. We were sad to see her go home in early October.

Fr Ramiro

Father Ramiro Casale ocd, a Mexican friar who has been studying in Rome, passed through on his travels in the region. Our live-in, Angela, was with us at the time.

Dympna 88 

 Three carloads of Sisters travelled the short 8 minute journey to Prins Willem Alexander where our Sister Dympna is in care on the occasion of her 88th birthday. She enjoyed the music and singing and blew out the candle on her little birthday cake.

Hong Kong Sisters        Sydney August

Sisters Katherine and Gemma from Hong Kong Carmel stayed with us a couple of days befofe travelling to Varroville with Sisters Moira and Mary Magdalen for an Association meeting.

   MM 50  MM 50

We welcomed Sister Mary Magdalen into our community when the Carmel of Bomana in PNG closed. Just a few weeks after her arrival she celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her Religious Profession.


In May  we hosted a meeting of all the formators from the Carmels in our Association.

before rain

After rain 2019after more rain

2019 began with our dry, barren grounds begging for rain, which finally revived our spirits as well as the earth.




Our Sister Johanna went peacefully to God on 29 November. She had celebrated her 90th birthday last January and was ready to go home. Two Bishops and six priests joined us for the funeral Mass. She is buried under the gum trees along with the other 22 Sisters of our community who have gone before us.

  Funeral Mass                           Cemetery        

Father Frank Jones brought Deacon Tom Zaranski to visit the community just a few weeks prior to his ordination to the priesthood on 29 June.

Deacon Tom

Our Association Council met here in May for their annual meeting. Sisters came from Lismore, Varroville and Christchurch Carmels.

OLSC Council

cattle   Meeting the cattle and spotting a koala

koala   koala 2

Having completed the Enquiry Process in 2017, Ariel took the next step on her journey by entering as a postulant.

25 Feb Ariel


picking Dragon fruit        Picking Dragon fruit



    Johanna 90                           

Our Sister Johanna celebrated her 90th Birthday in mid-January. She and Sister Dympna are being well cared for at Prins Willem Alexander Retirement Village, which is just a few minutes away from our monastery. Our friend Sister Marcia takes them communion every day and ensures their spiritual needs are met. Seven of us went over in two carloads on this occasion. The staff had set up a little party with a birthday cake, cool drinks and balloons.

Johanna 90