May you know the love of Jesus, our God, in the quiet and peace of your own hearts in this celebration of his birth.Crib  Highlights of 2017  Highlights of 2016 OHM 2016  This was a day of special joy and many people stayed the whole day. Some of our Young Carmelite Group helped give out prayer cards and pictures of newly canonized St. Elizabeth of the Trinity.June & DeasyOHM 2016    

 Highlights of 2015




Teresian Centenary Year

On Sunday 18 October we celebrated the close of the Teresian Centenary year with a full day of prayer, song, reflections, audio-visual presentations, and a talk. Bishop David Walker presided at the Eucharist and gave a talk on prayer during the day. A highlight of the liturgy was the final hymn 'Yours I am, O Lord' a five part choral version of the official prayer for the centenary year with the theme of the year running throughout. This hauntingly beautiful song was written by our friend, Ellena Papas, and accompanied by her on the harp, with five of her students from Moreton Bay College helping us with the singing.

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STJ500 closing Mass Homily

50 Years at Ormiston  
Archbishop Mark Coleridge celebrated the Eucharist on Sunday 19 July for the External Solemnity of Our Lady of Mt Carmel and 50 years since the re-location of the community from Auchenflower to Ormiston. He came inside for a visit with us afterwards.
Archbishop with community
During the day we had a prayerful reflection on our 50 years at Ormiston in the form of a slideshow followed by prayers of intercession and a hymn of thanksgiving. This is now available to view on YouTube:


I am Yours. I was born for You. What do you want of me? 

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In October 2014 the year-long celebrations for the 5th centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Avila began. Fr. Greg Burke ocd offered the Eucharist for the large gathering of people who attended, and give a very inspiring talk on Teresa during the day. We had prepared a multi-media presentation on Teresa's life and spirit which was shown, and perhaps the highlight was the YouTube clip of the virtual choir of Carmelite nuns singing Teresa's famous 'Nada te Turbe', arranged by Sr. Claire Sokol from Reno Carmel, USA. Two of our community were part of this choir.



Special Hour of Prayer for World Peace on the Occasion of
St. Teresa's 500th Birthday

On Thursday 26 March people, including some from other Christian Denominations, joined us in a special Hour of Prayer 5:00 - 6:00 pm.
St. Teresa was distressed at the conflicts and divisions that ravaged society in her day. 'The world is all in flames', she cried. Our world today is also in flames and we are not sufficiently sensitive or we lack the confidence necessary to believe that we can do something to quench that fire. Distracted at times by the minor affairs of our daily life and by more immediate problems, we forget to lift up our eyes to look at the horizon and discover in it the signs of our society's suffering: wars, conflict, terrorism, public or domestic violence, cries of pain, quelled before they are even uttered. We cannot leave the resolution of those problems to those who govern, those who hold responsiblitiy. March 26 was a day for the voice of St. Teresa to resound in our hearts, and together with her, make up our minds to do 'the little that is in us'.

Pope Francis began this hour of world prayer before his morning Mass at the Domus Santa Marta at 7:00 am (Rome time) on 26 March. All Carmelite monasteries and houses throughout the world offered an hour of prayer during the day for this intention of peace in the world, so dear to the heart of St. Teresa.

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