in prayer

Becoming a Carmelite

At the origin of religious consecration there is a call of God for which there is no explanation apart from the love which God bears for the person called. This love is absolutely gratuitous, personal and unique. It embraces the person to the extent that one no longer belongs to oneself, but to Christ.

Those who are called give a response of love in their turn to Christ. It is a love which is given entirely and without reserve.


The journey to becoming a fully professed Carmelite involves a lengthy process of discernment on the part of both the individual and the religious community.

In an intense dialogue with God in prayer throughout her formation the sister will bring her most profound desire face to face with the charism of Carmel which is being offered to her. This lengthy process of discernment will lead her, like Mary, to say her truly free and personal ‘yes’ on the day of her definitive commitment.